Capital Sourcing

CC Capital Advisors offers clients access to the broadest possible spectrum of capital sources and advises them in using these sources efficiently. We can assist in securing appropriate financing to fund growth and acquisitions, as well as refinancing existing obligations. We seek to achieve for our clients the most reasonable cost of financing with maximum future operating and financial flexibility.

The professionals at CC Capital Advisors have cultivated strong working relationships with capital providers, both private and public. These include leading money-center banks, asset-based lenders, mezzanine lenders, venture capitalists, private equity firms and regional banks and brokerage firms, including Wall Street's top organizations. We use these contacts to your advantage, targeting the best possible source of capital for each client's business.

It's an approach that keeps our clients' best interests in mind.

Advisory services include:

  • Private equity placements
  • Private debt placements
  • Bank financing
  • Fixed income offerings
  • Initial public offerings advisory